1989                        Master of Fine Arts, San Diego State University

1985                        Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison

1983                        Study Abroad Program, Exeter College of Art and Design, England





2004-16                  Art Instructor, Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA

                               Three-Dimensional Design, Drawing, Art Appreciation

2013-15                  NSF Funded Artist in Residence, Art of Science and Learning’s Incubator for Innovation,

                               Workshops-IL, CA, MA.  Facilitated creative art-making practices with teams of scientists and                                              innovators to augment effective problem solving, created an installation artwork that responded to                                      creative innovation practices

1994 -16                 Art Instructor, Mt. Helix Academy, La Mesa, CA

                               Established the comprehensive art program for grades K-8, developed all class curriculum,

                               founded a highly successful ceramics program, maintain the online art gallery for all grades,

                               Maintain positive and effective communication with parents, teachers, and staff.

1996 -16                 Muralist, Institute for Effective Education, San Diego, CA

                               Painted over twenty, full color, interior and exterior murals for TIEE campuses

1990 -95                 Education Department, San Diego Museum of Art

                               Developed and implemented curriculum for San Diego County School’s museum fieldtrips


1994 -95                 Education Department, San Diego Natural History Museum

                               Developed and implemented curriculum for summer camp programs


1991 -93                 Program Coordinator, Museum Art School, San Diego Museum of Art

                               Developed and taught classes, planned the new Museum Art Studio,

                               implemented community outreach

1988-92                  Art Instructor, San Diego State University

                               Drawing I and Drawing II

1989 -92                 Exhibit Technician, San Diego Museum of Art

                               Art Installation, gallery preparation, created hand-painted replicas of masterworks as teaching tools


1990 -91                 Lead Art Instructor, Children’s Art Center, San Diego, CA

                               Drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, woodworking


1989                       Assistant Manager, Art Etc. Art Store, San Diego State University

                               Extensive knowledge of art materials and their usage


1987                       Art Studio Assistant, Italo Scanga Studio, University of California, San Diego

                               Sculpture fabrication, care and management of art collection





2014-16                   Institute for Effective Education trained teaching mentor, Mt. Helix Academy, La Mesa, CA

2016                        Video for East County Style:  Women of Note Series

2015                        Twentieth Year Recognition Award, TIEE, La Mesa, CA

2014                        Artist Faculty: Extended Learning Community, General Electric’s Crotenville Campus, NY

2014                        Documentary Film and Lecture, From This Place, Grossmont College, CA

2013                        Artist’s Lecture, Leaning Into Dreams, Friends of Jung, CA

2012                        Teaching Excellence Award, Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA

2007                        Artist’s Lecture, Imago Mundi: Reflections on The Whole, Mesa College Art Gallery, CA

2000-1                     PTG Teaching Excellence Award, The Institute for Effective Education, La Mesa, CA

2000                        Instructor of the Year Honoree, The Institute for Effective Education, La Mesa, CA

1989                        Graduated with Honors - MFA, San Diego State University

1987                        Isabel Kraft Sculpture Scholarship recipient, San Diego State University

1985                        Graduated with Honors - BFA, University of Wisconsin, Madison